♡DIY GIFTBASKET(for Mothers Day)♡

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  1. Julia Elizabeth
    Julia Elizabeth says:


    First of all, this video is well over three years old, and I haven't been answering comments because I haven't really cared too much about this video. It's very old and I don't really like it, but a lot of people have watched it (which is crazy to me) so I thought I would answer some of the most common questions here!

    Q: Will it work for a circle/different shape?
    A: Yes for the circle. Depends on what other shape you would want to do, but you can always try!

    Q: Will it work with toothpicks?
    A: I've never tried, but I don't think it would work that great, since they're not very thick or "stable". But maybe.

    Q: What kind of sticks are you using/What are "bloomsticks"?
    A: First of all, "bloomsticks" is the word I used three/four years ago (when my english wasn't amazing) because I didn't know what else to call them.
    The sticks are used to put in flowerpots as a way to stabilize the flower. I don't know what you would call them in english (but if you do please comment).

    HOPE THIS HELPS some of you. Thanks for watching this video. It's still weird to me that it's become so "popular". I mean, well over 5 000 000 views….?? what? thanks.

  2. Rajesh Yadav
    Rajesh Yadav says:


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