1950s Leather Fashions – Colourful Purses, Handbags and Luggage

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  1. Niko P
    Niko P says:

    they were fashion frwd we are fashion backward. who the fuck thought of ripped jeans and why the fuck does every single chick today dress the same. ripped jeans and brick eyebrows.
    it's ok, it's ok…today we have luggage from china and polyester dresses made by 3bucks an hr workers. but that's alright cause we can now buy 10,000 shirts, throw them away when we get bored and buy another 10,000 because we will live for 10,000 years and need them ALL. Give ME ALL!!!!

  2. GEhotpants101
    GEhotpants101 says:

    For you guys who're getting upset about this, I know it can be a bit offensive to hear, but it was at the time, just how people spoke. They say some shockingly offensive things because at the time, they weren't shockingly offensive things. It really was a very different time back then. You do have to keep in mind when they say "weaker sex," they aren't meaning "deficient," just "smaller." I found the whole thing funny. I really want that bag that looks like books. It's neat. XD

  3. PPP
    PPP says:

    "a boon to the weaker sex altho they'll probably add something else to make up for the weight"

    ROFLMFFAO!!!!! (>‿<)

  4. PPP
    PPP says:

    I WANT EVERY SINGLE PURSE IN THIS VID!!!! i especially like the flasks hidden as a mini book set! ;-D EPIC!!!!

  5. 7saany
    7saany says:

    Lmaooo hippo a :12 thnx for pointin it out… Love the purse q the mirror! Ahhh gotta luv the 50s except for the machism of the era…

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