BEST SELLING Designer Handbags Under $1000: Michael Kors, Coach, Rebecca Minkoff

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  1. paris w
    paris w says:

    MK quality is touch and go I have had hits and misses, Rebecca Minkoff is trash I have the LOVE bag jumbo and after a few months it is just horrible. Coach can and will always be able to compete with Luxury designers. I have the LV Favorite, and Gucci disco, and trust me Coach craftsmanship is above par.

  2. Maritza Zavaleta
    Maritza Zavaleta says:

    i love that rebecca mink off bag. its probably the next one on my list. another great thing is you can totally find those on sale! I think there are some on sale right now on her website in other colors

  3. breathingstars
    breathingstars says:

    I wasn't into the Rogue… but man, yours is beautiful. Its so well made and the details are just… I'm suddenly obsessed! Oh No!! It's funny because I just got the RM Je Taime bag in black. This is now in my wishlist to get for my birthday.

  4. Rosalind Hambleton
    Rosalind Hambleton says:

    I feel like those companies copied one another on the high end ones. Like MK copy Louis Vuitton (for ex. the LV Neverful, MK came with a same bag with the monogram all over it as well) This bag also copy an LV even they put the little lock hanging
    in front ! OMG – the RM well the diamond stitches … dont you immediately think of a Chanel stitching the RM tries to copy ?

    My next purchase is Dior : Lady Dior and my next one is Burberry. You did a good job in talking (comparing) those bags. Well done !

  5. M Mom
    M Mom says:

    I have a lot of Coach bags. I actually like them better than my Louis Vuitton bags. Dooney and Bourke and Brahmin are also some of my better bags. My Michael Kors is nice but I still prefer Coach.

  6. Vera Smirnova
    Vera Smirnova says:

    I have small Darren satchel bag by Rebecca Minkoff in three colors and they are the most practical for me and leather is so soft and beautiful, then I have two the same coach bags in two different sizes and because I wear all my bags crossbody I almost never use them the strap really hurts, Michael Kors bags I would never probably buy because I don’t like that type of leather they use

  7. Stephanie Ofili
    Stephanie Ofili says:

    Love this video! I have the Rebecca minkoff in dark cherry. I love the coach bag too. Thanks for sharing.

    I want a ted baker bag I saw for under 1k or the white coach tea rose. Over 1k gucci marmont in velvet or lady Dior

  8. JustAHorrorShow
    JustAHorrorShow says:

    I'm kind of desperate for a monogram LV Pochette Metis. For under $1000 I like the Dooney & Bourke Florentine Cristina in natural. There was one from Coach that I really wanted but it's sold out everywhere unfortunately.

  9. Patricia Mesa
    Patricia Mesa says:

    Looks like old lady bags to me.
    I see these shape bags everywhere all your paying for is the name. The style is basic and nothing pops, not worth hundreds

  10. Maude Oesau
    Maude Oesau says:

    Maybe not a review idea but you should get a look and the Angela Roi bags. They are luxury vegan bags 🙂 Very very elegant <3 Love from Belgium !

  11. 4468 mallard
    4468 mallard says:

    What's your day job ? Would love to be able to afford some of the things you review . ( one can only dream lol ) can you do some reviews for UK viewers products etc please still loving your channel.happy New year x

  12. Sarah Tilsley
    Sarah Tilsley says:

    You are forgetting the hair brush, the sweet wrappers, the pen with no top, the hair bobbles, the countless receipts, the feminine hygiene products, the open packet of gum, the hot wheels car, the mirror, the lip balm, the sewing kit, the mini first aid kit, the questionable cup o soup, the random expired vouchers, the pack away shopping tote, the fidget spinner, the note book and if you’re lucky, the bottle water……….oh sorry, that’s just my handbag. 😜

  13. Up and Adams
    Up and Adams says:

    I think the Coach will age the best of all 3. It already has a funky, vintage edge to it, and some patina would almost enhance its character.

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