BEST & WORST INVESTMENT BAGS: 9 Rules to avoid losing money

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  1. Caroline Robinson
    Caroline Robinson says:

    I can't afford designer bags but I don't want any second hand stuff don't matter who use to have it because some people is not very clean and u dont know what they put in it sorry brand new for me

  2. Janneke Meelker-van der Meer
    Janneke Meelker-van der Meer says:

    My worst purchase was the Gucci Bamboo Bullet Bag. Lovely design but in use it just wasn't my bag. It took a while to resell it but I finally did. now I am very pleased with my Furla Metropolis mini and the Longchamp Le Pliage Neo. Those are more 'classic'

  3. Gena Bragg
    Gena Bragg says:

    I just bought a JIMMY CHOO MONA style bag at GoodWill. I found GOLD right? Lol, WRONG!!!! After I resold it I found out it was. KNOCKOFF! OMG! I was so EMBARASSED! She was really nasty because she thought I did it on purpose. But honestly before I got that bag I had never seen a JIMMY CHOO anything. I'm a broke girl lol. I only paid a few dollars for it and I can get at least $50 out of it so I'm still coming out waaay ahead. I Will be researching my second hand store items from now on. 😨😇

  4. Orielle1000
    Orielle1000 says:

    I have a collection of bags, not high-end though. I just enjoy having a variety that will match my outfit and not thinking of them as investments-

  5. Natalie Neppl
    Natalie Neppl says:

    New subscriber! I loved this video. Considering buying a LV Neverfull in Rayures stripes, but your "Limited Edition" rule is making me question. If the resale sale price is higher than the original list price, does that rule not count? Or would it still apply!? Thank you!!

  6. REP DM
    REP DM says:

    Now I buy what i like.. consignment is crap. You can't even get half of what you paid even if its in excellent condition.. Never again. I just don't bother. I get brand new at a deal or don't buy it,

  7. Lori Gail
    Lori Gail says:

    My worst investment bag was the Chloe medium Faye. I got all leather so I didn’t have the high maintenance suede but resale is way less on this bag no matter what… probably because nothing fits in it.. lol!

  8. Erin Sibai
    Erin Sibai says:

    These designers are laughing all the way to the bank .
    It's a purse. It's a purse. Just a purse
    I mean I totally get it because I love shoes
    But they don't hv to be $600 if they're cute and comfy who cares…

  9. HersheyMunchkin
    HersheyMunchkin says:

    Labels are just that. A label. I don’t care who makes a bag- if I like it and it’s good quality I will buy it. I buy what I love not what others love at the moment .😊

  10. Sofia Nizamova
    Sofia Nizamova says:

    My Chloe paraty bag! I loved it so much opted to get it over a classic and regret it! I was over it within a year and cannot sell it for a decent price

  11. Elisaisms
    Elisaisms says:

    I recently bought my first Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 bag. I already have a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 and knew that I would eventually sell it. But the 25, I love that bag. So I didn't hesitate to hot stamp it. Sometimes monogramming it inst so bag.

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