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  1. K B
    K B says:

    I just purchased my first Chanel bag a few weeks ago for my anniversary.  I loved the Coco handle bag, but just could not spend the money on a bag that has not been around very long and, according to my SA, is technically not part of the permanent collection.  I did like the jumbo, but ended up with the medium flap because it is the most versatile for me.  I don't plan on selling, but if I did I hope I could recover a good amount.  However, I have not stopped thinking about that Coco handle bag which brings me to my next point: superfakes.  The fakes are so good now that people are getting more and more hesitant to by preloved.  I see so many posts on fb groups showing a legit looking bag complete with box, camellia, and receipt that turn out to be fake that I am not willing to risk it at this point.  And once you factor in fees on sites like Fashionphile, etc the prices are close to retail.  And a lot of people feel the same way, investing only in "classic" bags so preloved ones are starting to flood the market and not selling.  It's getting really complicated and I absolutely agree that with the exception of a rare item, luxury is not a sound investment.

  2. Lola W
    Lola W says:

    Appreciate your advice. You have a nice, relaxing presentation style. I've been burned with 2 seasonal Chanel bags. I have Gucci Marmont camera and YSL and thinking of parting with these bags. Please make more vids and your channel will grow.

  3. Styled4Life
    Styled4Life says:

    In addition any used will not EVER get a resale value. If an item cost 500 pounds or $500 and brand new it's $700 or 700 pounds , I rather save that 200 for a spanking new item without flaws, scratches, defects, etc. One has to know once you use an item , you re not going to get what u paid for it. Case in point, I bought a Hermes CDC bracelet new it was$1050. I also have have pre-loved I bought for $680. I wasn't going to pay anything close to what I paid new, especially with three scratches on the gold hardware. (Great deal though).

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