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  1. Michael Swanson
    Michael Swanson says:

    It works but you don't tell your viewer or users that they have heart problems. Way to go in masking over the deaths of your users. They could get the same result from a diuretic but that would not sell your product would it… shameful. Shame on you and your product.

  2. Danny Nichole
    Danny Nichole says:

    Around about how much does it cost to have the procedure done to remove it from the fat pocket like you were saying and reapply it to the eye bag area if you don't mind me asking ?

  3. Blind Luck
    Blind Luck says:

    They put this together like it is an independent video but it is put on by Plex a derma. What a bunch of scam artists and the cost is ridiculous it has silica the most abundant mineral in the entire world

  4. Joe Mug
    Joe Mug says:

    Watched his other video and is brutally true. Thank you Wayne. We can improve a little, but we can’t completely change our skin and face with product.

  5. David Castaneda
    David Castaneda says:

    to have this done by a professional. .who knows what he o/r she understands how to do this right. …
    it's very expensive. .
    my mom's friend had her's done 5ks…$2,500 per eye…

  6. C Ch
    C Ch says:

    Holy moly it took nearly 4min to find out he did it by filling. I have no idea why I was recommended this video, but the mystery was clickbaity enough for me. Thank goodness for speed increases and delete from history to avoid further recommendations. 🙄

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