How to Afford Designer Handbags – 5 Tips

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  1. Miss Christine's Closet
    Miss Christine's Closet says:

    I have had good and bad experiences buying pre-loved designer items. My favourite bag in my collection is my LV Neverfull – not because I bought it brand new but I saved and saved for it and made me appreciate my Neverfull even more. I believe designer inspired or dupes can be a cheaper alternative if it's too hard to acquire an expensive designer bag –  you could "try out" the style and if you love it then save for the real thing.

  2. Happiness A Lifestyle
    Happiness A Lifestyle says:

    Very nice tips! I personally would not buy second hand only because i think when I buy something I want to feel like I achieved something and it's my own but I am not against anyone buying preloved as I watch lot of high end you tubers who buy a lot of high end designer bags, they hardly use those and sell them when they get bored so they are in very excellent condition so if you have your goal set to buy then best to buy preloved from good websites. I would never pay full price and buy LV bag now, that may change in future but for now I am happy with what brands I can afford so I wouldn't set my goal for a LV till then 🙂 , that is just me. Everyone should do what makes you happy and satisfied.

  3. ankimbo
    ankimbo says:

    I have a list on my phone that I edit all the time. If I were to cut back on Starbucks I could afford a new luxury bag in about 6 months.. Makes you think… 🤔

  4. SusanScrapPassion
    SusanScrapPassion says:

    I just have a problem buying handbags second hand. I feel like bags are a personal possession, and not knowing what people have carried in a bag just bothers me. They may be in great condition, but if I am going to buy an expensive designer bag, I just want it to be brand new.

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