How to prep your Crown Royal bags for a quilt.

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  1. Werdrath
    Werdrath says: wife is making one for her father who had 100s of these bags over 20+ years … she says she loves the quilt in the back, and then you say its called “ill drink to that”…
    That literally is his daily go to saying. Tooo perfect.

  2. Kerry Rabe
    Kerry Rabe says:

    I have made several crown royal quilts and have never removed the stitching and they have held up nicely. Not sure how your bags are different than mine but I prefer to keep the stitching. I guess its all in what you want it to look like and experiment with the stitching to see if yours is the melting kind. Have fun with your quilts, make them yours.

  3. Catwomanmn
    Catwomanmn says:

    Excellent information! I have a collection of the bags and wanted to start a quilt. Thanks for giving brands of fabrics that match and the thread issue!

  4. Marnet Waters
    Marnet Waters says:

    You have just given me inspiration to start on my Crown Royal quilt. Thank you so much for this information because I didn't have a clue where to start preparing the bags. Now to decide on the pattern and complimentary colors. I will be checking out your website for fabrics.

  5. Chastity Powell
    Chastity Powell says:

    I want the fabric indeed, I will call shortly…I am eating lunch. But I have a quick question. Will that be enough to do that "your favorite bag" quilt, but extending it to a size 60 x 68. Do you think… I have plenty of bags.

  6. Chastity Powell
    Chastity Powell says:

    Is there anything close on your website that you would have to it. I really want to do this quilt in some sort of shade of this type green!  I think purple and green go well together and they are my favorite colors!

  7. Joanne Fountain
    Joanne Fountain says:

    I'm working on this pattern now and the long strips are only about 2.5 inches wide,, so I think I'll have to use two different fabrics with the one square of Crown Royal printing. I have 52 bags, and I think I must have the smaller bags because one bag was a larger one and I could have gotten wider strips from it. So, how much fabric do you think I'll need for the squares around Crown Royal and the strips and something different for the background. I think I'd like to purchase Kauffmans purple for the squares around the Crown Royal printing, and what is the printed fabric you are using in the quilt. I like it.

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