How & Where to Buy Pre-Loved / Used Designer Handbags

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  1. Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith says:

    Awesome video. Great info.

    I have a friend that may be in your area.

    Check out Entrupy, Authentications powered by state of the art tech. I know bc I have the device and trust my friend %100.

  2. After A Fashion ASMR
    After A Fashion ASMR says:

    You are so lovely and articulate! 💖 This was an awesome and well organized video with so much great info – I have to check out those facebook groups because I have mostly stuck to ebay (my shameless addiction haha). There is a lot of fear surrounding ebay – certainly there are fakes to be found there, I have been buying things from there for over 10 years though and have gotten far more great deals than anything else. At some point, I started to think all the ebay apprehension may be some kind of conspiracy haha drummed up by early luxury buyers trying to scare people away from finding the great deals they wanted to keep for themselves. 😂

  3. sonyea01
    sonyea01 says:

    I've had some bad experiences with a few random and yes honestly only 1 or 2 on ebay (I've bought and sold things going on over 15 years on ebay) companies. I try to only use paypal when purchasing online because they really protect the buyer against crooks. I just include proof of the problems by including photos and I ship the item back using full tracking and insurance if applicable. if the seller isn't being cooperative you simply file a dispute and then while your there excallate it to a claim and be sure to include good photos. Paypal IMO is great!

  4. CapeCodBelle
    CapeCodBelle says:

    Great resources Sierra. I am an eBay seller and I sell authentic designer and luxury items including Louis Vuitton. I've had great experiences with buyers and then some who put me thru the ringer. It's important to check the seller's feedback and if they have protection from eBay for the seller and buyer. It's also a good idea to have the item you're considering buying authenticated by an online authenticator. I started selling on eBay when my son went to college. Now I sell what I don't use to raise money for luxury shopping when I go on vacation:)

  5. Lynn Conroy
    Lynn Conroy says:

    I am in the lv Facebook group also. I just wondered why they take a pic of their item with a piece of paper with their name on it? Would you happen to know?

  6. Karen .c.h
    Karen .c.h says:

    I bought my first preloved on eBay. Bought a small item just to dip my toes in. I ended up with an item that I felt was in better condition than described. It was a good deal compared to the same item in the FB groups. It was a good experience.

  7. misc me
    misc me says:

    Found this video interesting thank you sierra. I would have to say that the thought of making a purchase via fb would be more frightening to me than eBay — what protection do you have if someone doesn't even send the item, let alone send a fake or poor condition item? Maybe a cc charge back? I would think most sellers want check or money order to protect themselves. I have bought and used to sell on eBay too. I still sell lower end items just not LV. I tend to sell my LV items directly to Yoogi's or FF and take the hit in fees which since ebays fees have increased are not too much different. Generally they are not much different in price and I get paid and am done with it. BUT – I think if you know the brand you are looking for and ask questions that eBay is a huge buyers market. You are totally protected as a buyer and aside from having your time wasted will get your money back. Sellers on the other hand, stand to risk too much lately and I am not going to get stressed out like that. Anyhow thanks again great video and the sound of your voice is very soothing with my breakfast/cup of coffee this morning! :))

  8. luxgrly
    luxgrly says:

    Great information! I've bought and sold on eBay, but you definitely have to know what you are buying so I always suggest using an authentication service. I just requested to join two FB groups, so we'll see how that goes. I've also purchased from Fashionphile and have been to two of their locations and have never had an issue. Even though their prices may be higher, it gives you piece of mind.

  9. SnapeHBP
    SnapeHBP says:

    Great informative video!! When I started I bought a couple small slgs on eBay and thankfully they were real (and long ago sold on eBay since I wanted a diff print). I did get one fake LV wallet but got my $ back, it just smelled wrong and felt wrong but based on the pics, everything looked legit. eBay is 😒😖 at times! Yes to the FB groups!!!

  10. Andri
    Andri says:

    Very interesting … I've never bought or sold second hand, I just find it too scary … Joining these face groups sounds very interesting .. Thank you for sharing xx

  11. LadySusan Jane
    LadySusan Jane says:

    The exchange rate is prohibitive for me and is often better to buy new. I've only purchased pre loved from Japan once( great deal) and from eBay and even though she gave me receipt, I still wonder if it's authentic. Prob just me being paranoid 😕I feel more comfortable saving and buying new-the whole fake thing is very scary!😱


    100% helpful, I've requested to join a few Facebook groups this morning. The resale market in the uk is so small compared to the us…. eBay is a seedy place for luxury you're so right but there are little gems out there. Have a great weekend xx

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