Identifying Designer Handbags : How to Identify an Authentic Chanel Handbag

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  1. TheNadineElise
    TheNadineElise says:

    I think that she makes some commentsabout the Chanel bags and then invites us to go watch more videos on the topic. At elast that was my understanding.
    The real Chanel bags have very heavy chains, contain a numbered plastic card identifying the bag as original and of course are very expensive. So if someone offers you a Chanel under $2000-$3000, it's not real.

  2. Kathy Li
    Kathy Li says:

    But seriously, she's pretty much stating the obvious, it's so easy to make a bag with interlocking Cs and leather and the handle! I've seen dozens of fakes like the ones IN THIS VIDEO. How hypocritical

  3. TheOneflywhiteboy
    TheOneflywhiteboy says:

    Loooove the fact that she is talking about how hard Chanel's leather is to replicate, meanwhile, as she's saying this, she's showing pictures of FAKE CHANEL BAGS!!!

    omggg…I'm sooo happy I found this lady… I was having a bad day up until now, but now i'm laughing hysterically!!! looove looooove loooooooooove the crap she babbles at the end of every video!!! i'm literally rolling on the floor while peeing myself!!!

    btw, i'm not "oneflywhiteboy"…i'm a girl on my boyfriends account…lol.

  4. Maxoman427
    Maxoman427 says:

    She is not talking rubbish. She actually knows what she is talking about it's just that she is talking just a tad too fast at some points like she is under a time frame to present this video. I listened 2x and can't make out what the name of the consulting firm is. I think she has a cute baby doll face……

  5. PurpleGlitterz
    PurpleGlitterz says:

    who cares, fake or not?! there all nice!! like whats so bad about a fake one, and like sereously…if someone was walking around in a store, and seen someone with a chanel bag, they wouldnt notice if it was fake or not, like im sure they wouldn't go up to the one with the bag and be like "your bag is FAKE! its FAKE!! FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!" like who cares, there all nice bags, fake and none fake.

  6. TheThingseyelike
    TheThingseyelike says:

    So do all the fake handbags they have a serial number too
    you all need to go to this wonderful online authentication service and no I do not own it, but I use it type this into google

  7. Globe Trotter
    Globe Trotter says:

    Useless information! "every fake has the c's on the Chanel bag, all good quality fakes have the leather, and all fakes have the "original" handles. So she may had been talking about a fake…

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