Is it Authentic: Balenciaga Handbags

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  1. Ruthie Cwik
    Ruthie Cwik says:

    Hi this was SO helpful! Thank you! I bought a red 2011 City and the "MADE IN ITALY" is all upper case and the metal tag doesn't have the "925" in the oval in the corner, but I think that's correct, right?

  2. Peeraya Truekhakit
    Peeraya Truekhakit says:

    I'm very late but this video is very helpful. I'm wondering if the words "made in italy" have to always be lower case? I ordered a Classic City bag from and the picture from the website show those words in all upper case. I'm nervous now.

  3. KristinaMaria88
    KristinaMaria88 says:

    I know this video is quite old, but it's very helpful to identify a authentic Balenciaga bag!! 🙂 I just have one very urgent question where I haven't found any information out there: is it a must that it is ALWAYS a black thread on the upper stitch of the silver tag of the Balenciaga city RH?? I just try to authenticate a Balenciaga City from 2013 and the stitching is not black, but I'm quite sure the bag is authentic. Would be great if you could help me! 🙂

  4. Amanda Leigh
    Amanda Leigh says:

    I just purchased a bag
    The leather tag does have numbers on the top just underneath. Top reads balenciaga Paris underneath reads the long number plus made in Italy in all caps with something else under

    Does that sound right

  5. Linda lopez
    Linda lopez says:

    Hi I just purchased a used balenciaga purse and my concern was were the handles are attached is a different hardware and not the smoothe round split circular hardwear that stitched to the handles is mine a possible fake. The bag I purchased is a pony hair weekender.

  6. BooksandPurses
    BooksandPurses says:

    Very informative! Thank you. Love the blue color. What is it called? Also, I went to a boutique the other day and the leather for each bag feels different than the other. Why is that? I see some with minimal distress in the leather as well. Is this normal? I live in Japan, so I can't ask the sales associates to explain because I really don't speak Japanese. Lol. Thank you so much for the video.

  7. Jenna Marquez
    Jenna Marquez says:

    Do you know why some balenciaga bags have a single weave on the handles and some have double? Does it depend on the hardware? Style? Color? Please help!! Thanks!

  8. Jenna Marquez
    Jenna Marquez says:

    Hi!! Hope you can help me.. My question is.. Is it possible for 2 exactly the same balenciaga bags to have the same "serial number" or the number on the back of the leather tag?

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