Luxe For Less – Fabulous Handbags Under $300 (4 Vegan Friendly) || SugarMamma.TV

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  1. J p
    J p says:

    Had to cut this video short and stop watching because of the heavy breathing :(( Its like you are out of breath and the sharp breath screams out from my laptop speakers, its a shame because this is just the kind of videos i want to watch :((

  2. amanda watson
    amanda watson says:

    Love those bags, especially the straw bag with orange crab! Word of warning on second hand designer bags – don't forget to price in customs duty if it's coming from abroad. I just bought a Fendi velvet evening mini baguette for £200 – and now have to pay £64 import tax! It's worth it as the bag has very strong sentimental associations but ouch! Wasn't expecting that!

  3. Jess Hudson
    Jess Hudson says:

    Great vlog. Your hair always looks lovely, can you do a Haircare vlog? Would love to know how you maintain such beautiful hair and what products you use 🙂

  4. myview
    myview says:

    This is not a high end brand , but I love it because it is very light, durable, machine washable and many different sizes and colors. Its Kipling. Give it a try. I bought my first one over fifteen years ago and now I own more than ten purses and a few totes and duffle and backpacks. I have to make a conscious effort to use my leather bags as I find myself reaching for the Kiplings first!

  5. M D
    M D says:

    it must be an australian thing that under $300 a bag is considered cheap. I dont buy anything that costs over £30! It must to do with travelodge in England £29/night and around $200 in Australia!

  6. MissLuxe74
    MissLuxe74 says:

    HI Canna, I could listen to you all day, I love your videos and especially your vlogs! I just got your book yesterday and started reading it before work, I'm looking forward to finding that special notepad to sit down with and work out a plan.
    Keep up this inspirational finance work and thank you for keeping the girly things included like bags, beauty, fashion as thats what us girls like as well! xxx

  7. haticek
    haticek says:

    I love you Canna and you give amazing Tipps! I Started the 1000€ Project and Till now I have collected 125 € only by selling a few makeup and 2 dresses

  8. Tenille Grosser
    Tenille Grosser says:

    I got your book for my birthday yesterday! It was a special request to my boyfriend and I already love it! It’s warm, motivating and an easy read. I’ve been telling all my friends and colleagues. Congratulations!

  9. Nora Csiszar
    Nora Csiszar says:

    Great video Canna! I like the LV bags it looks so nice and elegant. I do not need a beach bag because I do not live near to the sea, but I like the fact that you consider people with all kinds of needs. I did not know that these were vegan friendly, thank you for sharing! Keep the good work xoxo

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