Making Leather Sandals

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  1. NTDTV
    NTDTV says:

    Hi Patrick, it's Alexei from NTD Television ( Your video is great, we totally love it! Our mission to uplift the world through sharing Truth, Hope and Humanity. We would like repost it on our media pages and wanted to give you more details. Please drop me an email at Thank you. 🙂

  2. Khamomil
    Khamomil says:

    That's a nice model and nicely worked (except for the rivets) but the big toe loop seems a bit low and the crossed strap just above should be a bit lower to grab the widest part of the foot. The client has very narrow and bony feet and I don't see the point of taking his foot print if it's to deliver a sandal that fits so poorly.

  3. James  Njeri
    James Njeri says:

    hey there, i love your creations, i have always dreamnt of starting my shoe company i have my own ideas in mind,but i need more on how i can execute them,what type of materials do i need, and where i can videos teaching how to make them

  4. iwantosavemoney
    iwantosavemoney says:

    I have to say costume made sandals are very cool. I have had costume work boots made one of the best choices I ever made. but they where not cheap at all cost me about 600 dollars but they are well worth it I have had them for 7 years and they are still going strong but I take really good care of them.

    o wonder how much a costume pair of sandals would cost? I bought my boots because in the long run I will save money and with proper care don't think I will ever have to buy anther pair of work boots. I may have to have them resoled in a couple of years but that is fairly cheap.

    that would be the plus for have costume made sandals will they last a very long time? are they better made? what is the plus for costume sandals life time warranty?

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