My Top Four Affordable Designer Handbags

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  1. Miss Sasha
    Miss Sasha says:

    michael kors has great quality i guess for affordable designer handbag. I still have my hamilton and it last for 2 years i ve been using it everyday.

  2. Jadyn Newby
    Jadyn Newby says:

    I absolutely love Michael Kors Bags. I got my first one when I was 11 from my mom (I got the MICHAEL by Michael Kors Rhea small backpack in Pale Blue) and I absolutely love it! I feel like LV is overpriced and I feel like MK is more worth the price. Btw, this is my first time watching your channel and its really great. You got a new subscriber!

  3. Lauryn Brianna
    Lauryn Brianna says:

    My first ever designer bag was a Michael Kors and that is really what started my OBSESSION with designer bags. I recently got the Michael Kors large Grayson, and I am OBSESSED! I got a Louis Vuitton speedy 30, and didn't like it as well at all! It didn't hold NEARLY as much as the grayson, so I sold it. Now I'm looking to purchase a speedy 35, cuz I feel like that will hold SO much more. love your bags.

  4. chronicreader
    chronicreader says:

    Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton bags both have PVC coated canvas bags: canvas coated with polyvinyl chloride. Hence, the confusion. The bags are not made of PVC. Just coated with it.

  5. cm90
    cm90 says:

    Your first mk bag (the pvc monogram one) was my first nice bag that i got! Christmas present back in 2012 and love it! Have added a medium Selma satchel in luggage to the collection slowly building it love mk! Great video!!

  6. taytaymak16
    taytaymak16 says:

    This video helped me a lot! I've been wanting a good sturdy designer bag for everyday for a while and I think I'm going to go with the first one you showed:)

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