ORGANIZE: 5 Tips to Bedroom Organization & Storage | Making the MOST of Our Small Storage!!

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  1. Dragonborn
    Dragonborn says:

    The shoe problem for me is more like a boot problem, my brother just gave me his collection of hiking/work boots when I already have enough, they take so much freaking space, time to start selling boots, again.

  2. Micki Micke
    Micki Micke says:

    BOOKSHELVES… I love them where can I buy them?… I've looked in your videos and on your website and I have not seen you speaking about them. Please let me know.

  3. Francisca Schiavi
    Francisca Schiavi says:

    STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ¿Convince your husband to buy a what on IKEA? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. anyhow, beside that heartbreaking and brainkiller comment, the rest of the information was useful.

  4. Junhyuk Bok
    Junhyuk Bok says:

    For the plastic hangers, wooden thicc ones reduce the humidity in clothes n a t u r a l l y but other than that, plastic ones r good for storage too. Good tips btw!

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