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  1. ane vael
    ane vael says:

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  2. Melissa Mussmann
    Melissa Mussmann says:

    I really like the Steve Madden backpacks. The one u called a fanny back pack is actually called a sling backpack because u sling over your shoulder. At least that's what they call them here

  3. Girishma R
    Girishma R says:

    Hi, a very informative and useful video for those who dono where to get a huge selection of bags. Thank you a lot i was also wanting to go checkout stores with a huge selection bags. Well done!

  4. oliver567
    oliver567 says:

    When your kids say “ I want a mini backpack so I can hold all my stuff”

    What they actually say “I just want one because everyone has one.. so can we possibly go to forever 21 even though I’m 12 and spend 70 dollars on a backpack smaller than my face.

    (Don’t take this seriously and if you are… plz stop)

  5. Salina Ramirez
    Salina Ramirez says:

    Im on quest to find the convertable mini version. I only seen two people have one. One was betsey johnson.. Couldnt read the others bag. And american brands dont go cheap under $20. :l i see one for $17 but theres no review if it transforms to backpack. It has a passage in the middle. Which is similiar to multisac. But its on the middle. And straps are chains. All ebay cost is over $30, so ross is cheaper..

  6. Teslandia A.
    Teslandia A. says:

    This vedio just made me go back into going to Ross to full my closet again with 👛👜👛👜👛👜👛👜👛👜👛👛👜😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Rosie VeHi
    Rosie VeHi says:

    Love your videos! I love that you round up the would be very annoying to hear: 16.99 ,24.99..etc. In my teen years I always wanted a TH handbag,now that I can buy it, they don't look appealing to me great vid!

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