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  1. Lindsey LaVida
    Lindsey LaVida says:

    For all the people turned off by the sponsorship, it makes sense if you have a YouTube channel to do them occasionally, some youtubers aren't making millions and ads/sponsorships help support them to make more informative videos, they are giving away free valuable information the majority of the time, so before you unsubscribe, consider have you ever tried to earn extra cash outside your day job? Well it's the same for a youtuber, just in a different form such as sponsorships, ads, affiliate marketing, etc. And with the economy as it is, sometimes you have to just get creative to earn extra income.

  2. Q qummunicate
    Q qummunicate says:

    love your channel but maybe you could put "ad" in the title it would be helpful so people know that you are promoting a store and wont be put off when you sneak it in at the end?

  3. Sara  Hunter
    Sara Hunter says:

    Would love to see how you manage the gym with having to go to the office afterwards please. I am sruggling with the amount of stuff I have to lug around, lining up for a shower, getting ready super fast etc.

  4. Clare Alexis
    Clare Alexis says:

    I've unsubscribed. Usually I'd just do it and go on with my business but I feel this needs to be said – yes you make money off of YouTube and I'm not against sponsorships, affiliate links etc but this was too much of a sales pitch. I cringed. If you're going to accept sponsorships at least make good quality, genuine content to go along with it. Also – everything I've ever heard about Voi is terrible. So many people are of the opinion that they're even selling fakes. Just look up some online reviews. Why would you pitch a product/service that was even suspected of such a thing? Have some standards. Anyway I hope you take this as constructive criticism and not hate, I loved the original concept of your channel but it has lost touch with me.

  5. m m
    m m says:

    although been said many times I want to say it again, I love the way you look in this vid. Thank you for the tips Canna and would you please do another OOTD/outfit videos:-)

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