Silk Street & Pearl Market – Beijing – Shopping Tips

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  1. Alec Christie
    Alec Christie says:

    Sorry but I highly disagree, 50% of the first price is typically WAY higher than you need to pay. The key is to not say a lowball price right away, they will tell you to leave. If you spend time asking about the product and pointing out why it is fake, they will be more invested to sell it since they are spending time with you. It seems mean but it’s no less mean than how much they try to rip you off there. For example have got fake designer purses for my girlfriend for around $20-30 where they would start off with a Chinese price that was more like $300 or more

  2. G Goldfinch
    G Goldfinch says:

    I like your advice re negotiating a purchase price. It shows respect and sensitivity towards the sellers. Many tourists need to take this advice when travelling and shopping in China. Thank you.

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