The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo Book Trailer

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  1. Arina Thomsen
    Arina Thomsen says:

    It is a great book. I mean a GREAT BOOK. The disorder around us starts in our own mind. It puts the things to the places they belong and cleans the life from junk.

  2. Jay Quintana
    Jay Quintana says:

    She's an attractive, stylish woman, but, pardon my cynicism, can't her book be summed up on an index card?

    1. Fold your clothes.
    2. Have a place for each of your items and when not using them, make sure they are in place.
    3. Don't buy things you're not going to use.
    4. Imagine you're a sock and ask how you'd like to be treated.  Do same for all of your other possessions.

    This, really, is domestic porn.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  3. laminage
    laminage says:

    Marie Kondo, you are an Angel.  I learned so much about you and how wonderful you feel when you have a Neat, Tidy, Organized House.  You're so Wise.  

  4. inthepalace
    inthepalace says:

    I Just picked up your book, I love it so far, I believe you have hit the nail on the head for me.  Thank you for sharing this book, I will be sharing it with others. 

  5. Yolee B
    Yolee B says:

    I am totally enjoying this book!  I love her philosophy.  Right now I am in the "discarding" phase of my Tidy up and I am amazed about how much unnecessary crap I have accumulated.  Its a good read and I love her folding methods.

  6. Cliff Works
    Cliff Works says:

    Been in japan 40+ years every Japanese I know has tons of unnecessary crap in their homes. Japan is ranked #3 of most garbage producing nations behind USA & Russia with only fraction of their populations.   

  7. syrenz14
    syrenz14 says:

    I love you Marie Kondo. I am loving your book. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. 🙂 I always wonder why after a week of cleaning my room, it becomes messing again. With your tips I hope I won't have to go back to that old messy me.

  8. Cheryll Kregear
    Cheryll Kregear says:

    I think I need to clean my house before I can do this declutter thing from the book. I wouldn't be on America's messiest house and I am not in the hoarder category, but still my house is somewhat messy.  Want to get it tidy and organized before I have knee replacements. 

  9. woodsprout
    woodsprout says:

    I love you Marie Kondo!

    Yes I agree it is true "once and for all", because from there it takes the same energy to keep it tidy as it did to deal with the clutter.

    So then the question becomes: Why not have it tidy most of the time instead?

  10. moyra scott
    moyra scott says:

    a rather awesome book.  totally radical.  really enjoying it.  Not sure I could go the whole hog straight away.  but never the less, its already affecting my home.  brilliant

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