Tips on Selling Luxury Handbags | LalaLV

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  1. Deborah Towns
    Deborah Towns says:

    Lala, thank you for this video! So helpful! I have recently joined Facebook groups. What has your personal experience been selling on theses platforms.? I have purchased 2 items and one was not quite as I expected but still both good transactions. Would love to know how you feel about it it's fun to be a part of that community on Facebook but I'm strongly considering that to sell my bags with no selling experience.. am I crazy?!

  2. De's Edit
    De's Edit says:

    When using PayPal and selling an expensive item always get signature confirmation. I had sold a 2k LV a few years ago on eBay that showed insured tracking being delivered but the buyer said they never received it. PayPal doesn't consider tracking as proof and refunded the money. USPS insurance said there's no issue, the scan shows delivery, and mailman confirmed package was delivered. I tried to file a theft police report but they said I need proof it was stolen, so they only logged an out of state complaint. I was left with no money or bag. Beware!

  3. My Daily Sweet
    My Daily Sweet says:

    Great video, Lala! I haven't sold any of my bags yet but was debating it… Unfortunately, the ones that I'd be willing to sell are also those that wouldn't have the best resale – like my Antigona. I was tempted to sell my bright red Chanel Mademoiselle flap a little while back but I just think I'd regret it too much and since it was a limited colour I wouldn't even be able to buy it back retail!

  4. Thu Perry
    Thu Perry says:

    How timely! I just took pictures of the bags I want to sell! Would you recommend posting on multiple sites and see which gets more interest? Super helpful! You're awesome!!!

  5. justme315
    justme315 says:

    I have sold on Tradesy quite a few times and STRONGLY suggest the video taping of packing up the item. It saved me when I sold a brand new item and Tradesy tried to say it wasn't new. I had proof that it was new when I sent it so the buyer must have done something to it to try and get their money back. I had to fight with Tradesy and file a BBB complaint even after I sent them the video. Stand your ground. So many unscrupulous buyers out there (and middle man company in this case).

  6. Riza Ahmad
    Riza Ahmad says:

    Thank you lala, I just want share my experience with you tried to take a picture at usps and the lady didn't let me she said not allowed and the camera on me so I didn't, after that i started to use ups for expensive item rarely I go to usps

  7. mlim1626
    mlim1626 says:

    Your tips were super informative. I will definitely use those tips for future reference. I know you mentioned it briefly about pictures but I will appreciate more detail videos about it in the future. Thanks for sharing your knowledge 👍

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